.::the circle opens::.::cull thy destination::.::hospitality/hostility::.::long lost friends::.::get your damn life in order::.

the circle opens
get your damn life in order
ordinary things
cull thy destination
fuck you, that's my name
we need help, the poet reckoned
long lost friends
infestation is thy fate


how do you do this? new hard disk coming soon.... weiterlesen
3.8.06 22:40


jolly travelling

9.8.06 17:17

where the fuck is my title picture? rasta sein ist teuer, man denk nur an die steuer...... weiterlesen
9.8.06 17:25

we are unemployed, happy happy unemployed

we got nothing to do - yoo hoo! i'm no longer working at Siemens' still not enough money earned. Z... weiterlesen
11.8.06 18:53

it's no surprise that you feel more dead than alive

so i'll let you know, if you need someone to believe in you, i let you know, i will but sometimes y... weiterlesen
12.8.06 11:13

horror movies

all those victims in horror movies have their common sense removed...if we would be there, we'd say:... weiterlesen
18.8.06 12:18